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FirstLine Therapy® (FLT) is an individualized therapeutic lifestyle program designed to improve your health and vitality today and help prevent chronic diseases in the future. The program is based on extensive scientific and clinically proven recommendations that address the underlying causes of many chronic illnesses. FirstLine Therapy® provides you with the knowledge and support you need to adopt a healthier lifestyle and to make better choices. It works to improve and nourish your underlying cellular health whilst reducing oxidative stress and inflammation throughout the body. Other benefits include improved sleep and energy levels, increased mental function and greater fat metabolism.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Body Composition Testing by BIA (Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis)

Why is body composition important?

The pitfall of just looking at the scale weight is that it does not distinguish between fat and lean body mass. Two individuals with the same height and weight may have very different body composition. BIA which stands for Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis is a quick and painless way to measure your body composition, ie. the amounts of body fluids, fat, and lean body mass. BIA can measure and track your total fat and muscle stores. The BIA provides important information to enable you and your team at the Center to develop a weight management plan and evaluate your progress. Only body composition analysis can determine how much muscle and fat are lost or gained as the result of any nutrition, exercise, or pharmaceutical prescription.

At the Center for Optimal Health, we use the “Quantum II Desktop” by RJL Systems. This sophisticated equipment utilizes the 4-electrode BIA technology which allows for accurate measurement of not only body fat and lean mass, but also the extracellular and intracellular water compartments as well. The 4-electrode BIA technique has reproducibility and accuracy far superior to the “body fat scales” and to the skin fold caliper measurements.

Learn more about why body composition is important (download PDF).

How is BIA done at the Center?

Your weight will be measured. You will be asked to remove your right shoe and sock before reclining for the test. Two sticky pads, called electrodes, will be placed on your right hand and two more will be placed on your right foot. Once the leads are hooked up to the electrodes, the device will measure your resistance and reactance. The person doing the BIA test will then input these numbers along with your age, weight, height, and gender into the computer and a detailed report will be provided to you.


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